RAG4Clubfoot 101 – Common Questions and Answers

How can Rotarians support the RAG?
–Join Us!  Become a member of the RAG.

–Invite RAG4Clubfoot to provide a program during your club meeting.  This is most likely to occur if your club is in Iowa; however, we have access to a great webinar program making it possible to virtually “join” your club if an internet connection is available.

–Contribute to the Iowa’s Gift to the World campaign or hold a fundraiser for the campaign.   Donations support Ponseti Method global grant activities.  This is a unique opportunity for Iowa Rotarians as a generous Iowa Rotarian will match dollar to dollar for the first $125,000 raised through June 30, 2018.

–RAG4Clubfoot is creating work committees to accomplish specific activities like outreach, fundraising, marketing, etc.   We are looking for Rotarians that want to get involved.  More details about these committees and their activities to be available at a later date.

–Encourage your district to get involved by contributing District Designated Funds (DDF) to global grants supporting Ponseti Method training.  Several training grants are currently under development and often we are seeking additional funding for these projects.

Visit Contact Us to discuss any of these ideas.


Why was this Rotarian Action Group started?
The global challenge is that too many children born with clubfoot do not have access to the Ponseti Method treatment.  The world needs more physicians trained to provide quality Ponseti Method.

The RAG4Clubfoot primarily works as a clearinghouse to facilitate links among Rotarians and our partner, Ponseti International Association to organize and plan Ponseti Method training grants.

The RAG4Clubfoot has been the vision of PDG Herb Wilson (6000) for many years.  Because of Rotary’s success with polio eradication and Rotarians involvement with community service projects improving health worldwide within large cities to rural communities, Herb felt that clubfoot/Ponseti Method activities would be a good fit for Rotarians.  We consider Iowa the RAG4Clubfoot “headquarters” because Ponseti Method was created by Dr. Ponseti whom studied and perfected the clubfoot treatment known as the Ponseti Method at the University of Iowa.


What do RAG membership fees support?
The RAG membership fees assist with operational and administrative support such as website hosting, printing of promotional materials, fees to have booths at Rotary events, and administrative support to serve as liaison with RI, Co-Chairs & PIA, maintain the RAG membership database, prepare materials for RAG and district newsletters, respond to email inquiries, write annual report, assist the Marketing Chair with creation of marketing materials, maintain social media accounts, support Co-Chairs re: Board meetings and assist with Iowa’s Gift to the World donation database.


If you are interested in learning more about training grants please email us at: info@rag4clubfoot.org

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