June 30, 2017

Today, The Rotary Foundation approved a Humanitarian Grant in Bolivia with objectives to:

  • provide leadership training to 3 in-country trainers for the didactic aspects of teaching the Ponseti Method and on how to establish an effective nationwide network of clinics that will be recognized by health authorities as providers of the standard-of-care treatment for clubfoot (Ponseti Leadership Training Program);
  • provide training to 6 orthopaedic surgeons that are currently practicing Ponseti Method treatment but they have not received hands-on Ponseti Method mentorship (Practicing Provider Training Program);
  • provide Ponseti Method mentorship to 15 new providers to enable them to treat clubfoot deformity at their respective healthcare facilities (new Provider Training Program); and
  • provide guidance to the in-country trainers and trainees about promoting clubfoot awareness and advocating for the Ponseti Method at the local and national levels.