RAG4Clubfoot serves as a global clearinghouse and project facilitator for Rotary clubs and districts seeking to help achieve the goal of eliminating disability due to clubfoot and those clubs and districts willing to financially support these activities.

Specifically, RAG4Clubfoot will:

  • Facilitate contact between orthopaedic surgeons who are skilled at treating clubfoot using the Ponseti Method and local Rotary clubs.
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  • Assist clubs to develop stand-alone and/or joint projects including:

    Vocational Training Teams (VTTs) to increase the number of qualified treatment providers in the host communities; and

    District/Global grants supporting the treatment of clubfoot deformity at the local level through assistance with the cost of housing, food, and transportation for patients and their caregivers.

  • Assist with public awareness about clubfoot deformity to reduce the stigma associated with it and to promote early referral of children born with clubfoot.  We can work with you to create accurate and culturally appropriate information about clubfoot, it’s cause, and its treatment using print (e.g., brochures, posters, flyers), electronic (e.g., radio, TV), and social media.  Also, we can assist your club/district to provide government officials and health administrators with information about the medical, financial, and social benefits of preventing life-long disability by treating children born with clubfoot.


Ponseti Method Training Projects

Access to a well-trained, skilled Ponseti Method provider is crucial in treating the foot of a child born with clubfoot.  Unfortunately, many children do not have access to such practitioners.  Globally, there is great demand for many more trained orthopaedic surgeons to meet the needs of the 200,000 children born each year with clubfoot.

RAG4Clubfoot’s approach is to collaborate with Ponseti International Association (PIA) at the University of Iowa to implement country-wide training programs to create a network of doctors to provide Ponseti Method to children born with clubfoot.  Below is a description of PIA’s recommended four components of a comprehensive training program.

Ponseti Method Training ROTARY

To develop a training project, we take into consideration the total population of the country, the projected number of live births per year, and the number of comprehensively trained orthopaedic surgeons currently providing Ponseti Method treatment in the target country.

If you are interested in a project which provides quality comprehensive Ponseti Method training, please fill the form on Contact Us.  A Clubfoot Project Assessment Form can be emailed to you.

Available Funding Opportunities

The Rotary Foundation offers several Global Grant opportunities including Vocational Training Team (VTT) and Humanitarian Grants.  Our area of focus is Maternal and Child Health.

–A Global Grant’s minimum budget is USD $30,000.

–International and in-country clubs and/or districts are identified as sponsors.

In a VTT Grant, Ponseti International (PIA) leads the educational components of the Ponseti Method training project.  PIA identifies the in-country trainers who facilitate the Ponseti Method courses, the one week mentorship, the follow-up clinic site visits and the quarterly web conferences for continued mentorship and case presentation.

A Humanitarian Grant addresses community needs by providing sustainable, measurable outcomes in the benefiting community.

A District Grant is a smaller, more localized grant benefiting patients at a community clubfoot clinic (e.g., provision of treatment supplies like casting materials; logistical support like transportation; and/or braces).

How are these projects financed?

Projects are sponsored by Rotary clubs and districts and are supported by contributions of District Designated Funds (DDF) and cash donations from clubs, districts, and non-Rotarians.

RAG4Clubfoot may offer guidance in determining which type of grant (global or district) may best suit your project.

Projects in Development

Ponseti Method training

Ponseti Method training

Argentina and Paraguay






If your club or district is interested in starting a Rotary clubfoot project, visit Contact Us

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