November 28, 2022

In March 2022, training was carried out by the Vocation Training Team (VTT) Dr. Morcuende, Dr. Paz and Dra. Nogueira. Initially for seven hospitals in Argentina where 70% of clubfoot cases are found. We also delivered 500 splints and equipped the clinics so that the Ponseti Clinics could function. We also delivered printed material. The second visit of the VTT was in October, finding the hospitals in full application of the Ponseti Method. Two hospitals were added that we had not originally planned.

Being such a successful project, Rotary and the World Health Organization invited grant primary contacts to present at the WHO headquarters in Geneva to coincide with World Day 2022 Polio and Beyond, October 22.

We transferred the invitation to the VTT, happily they were able to travel to Geneva. Dr. Morcuende gave a 7 minute lecture with a very concise and sensitive PowerPoint presentation and answered questions. This project was selected along with 20 – 25 other Global Grants from around the world focused on Maternal and Child Health, a privilege!