Tratamiento de Pie Bot con Método Ponseti – VTT

September 4, 2023

A global grant (2351251) in development is proposing a Vocational Training Team (VTT) provide a Ponseti Method training program for orthopaedic doctors from seven hospitals in the City of Buenos Aires and the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Salta and Córdoba in Argentina and two of Tacuarembó and Montevideo in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. Hospitals and professionals were carefully selected by Dr. Miguel Paz, President of PIA Latin America.

This global grant has not yet been approved by The Rotary Foundation.

Additional funding partners are needed. Please contact if your club or district is interested to partner with this developing training program. Currently, funding has been confirmed with District Designated Funds from 4905 & 6000; and cash contributions from the host clubs: Rotary Club of San Martín-Villa Maipú (Argentina) and Rotary Club of Iowa City AM (Iowa, USA).

The project proposes upon completion of comprehensive training, followed by sufficient mentorship and clinical experience, the newly trained orthopedists will be fully qualified to correct clubfoot using the Ponseti Method; Ponseti Clinics will be established within the orthopedists hospitals and they will be prepared to raise awareness of this deformity and its treatment. Parents of children undergoing treatment will actively participate. This project will be carried out in collaboration with Ponseti International Association (PIA).

The identified Ponseti Method Trainers are affiliated with PIA: Dr. Miguel Paz, Dr. Jose Morcuende and Dr. Monica Nogueira.

Roles local Rotarians will play in the project:
• Management and supervision of expenses incurred as detailed in the budget;
• Collaboration with VTT member trainers and medical professionals to be trained, regarding travel arrangements and
the expenses that will incur in internal transfers and travel expenses. It also collaborates with volunteer professionals
for the survey and installation of the Ponseti Clinics.
• Publicize the project through various means of communication (newsletters, websites, social media,
Press releases)
• Follow-up of the Train the Trainer session and the Ponseti Method courses; frequent communication with
the Iowa City AM RC – D4600, PIA, and teachers in-country during project planning and implementation.
• Assistance writing Rotary International reports.

Rotarians at the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM will provide:
• Analysis of the Management and supervision whose reports will be sent by the RC of San Martín-Villa Maipú.
• Publicize the project through various means of communication (newsletters, websites, social media,
Press releases);
• Frequent communication with the Club and the collaboration of PIA in planning
and execution of the project.
• Assistance writing Rotary International reports.
• Project planning

Desmintiendo mitos del pie equino varo. Mitos de la serie madre de alquiler de Netflix

August 16, 2023

On, August 10th, the Huellas de Guerreros Foundation invited Dr. Astrid Medina, Ortopedista Infantil Especialista en metodo Ponseti to have an “in vivo session” to talk about Netflix film, “madre de Alquiler”. The story is about a mom that is pregnant and her son has clubfoot. The film gives misinformation of this issue, and it´s very important to be clear that the baby with clubfoot can live a normal life with the Ponseti Method. Many people have written and asked the foundation about what the movie says.

Dr. Astrid Medina, a champion of Ponseti Method and treatment provider for so many children in Colombia. She’s also a Ponseti International Trainer in the Ponseti Method training other orthopedists. THANK YOU for your action to eliminate clubfoot disability!

Rotary, Ayuda a Caminar / HELP WALKING

August 8, 2023

The Rotary Foundation approves Global Grant in Colombia (GG2238189)

Rotary, Ayuda a Caminar / HELP WALKING

Primary objectives are to provide additional braces to the brace bank in Colombia and to provide education to parents about the importance of the brace and appropriate use. The following groups will benefit from this project:
1. 823 children under 5 years of age, treated with Ponseti Method, by trained orthopedists and which require the use of braces up to 5 years to maintain successful result of the correction.
2. 400 parents and/or caregivers of children treated with the Ponseti Method will receive training regarding the importance of using braces until age 5 as well as handling and adequate use of the child’s brace.

RAG4Clubfoot participates at the House of Friendship – Melbourne, Australia

June 18, 2023

Always a highlight of the year is participating in the House of Friendship at Rotary International Convention. RAG4Clubfoot Board members and their spounses assist to greet visitors to the booth and share ways Rotarians and their club and/or district can get involved!

Braces being distributed in Ecuador

May 14, 2023

Braces being distributed in Ecuador through The Rotary Foundation Global Grant.

Access to the foot abduction brace is cruicial to complete the Ponseti Method treatment and prevent relapse of the foot deformity. Due to the cost of each brace and the child’s need to use multiple braces throughout the years, the cost can be prohibitive for many families. The Ecuador Global Grant included the acquisition and distribution of 500 braces for approximately 10 clinics in 8 cities. The intention is to create a bank of braces administered by the Rotary Club of each locality, to guarantee the treatment of children up to 5 years of age. Upon completion of use, braces can be returned to the clinics and reused by other children.

The overarching goal of the project is to guarantee the treatment of clubfoot of all children in Ecuador up to 5 years in age. Way to go Rotary!

District Conference House of Friendship (April 22)

April 30, 2023

Ralph Hammond and Al Roscoe, incoming co-Presidents of Rotary Club of Bedford, Massachusetts shared information with Rotarians at the House of Friendship from the following Districts:
D7890 Western MA and Northern CT
D7910 Central MA
D7930 Eastern MA (Boston and north into Southern NH)

Booth #454 – RAG4Clubfoot at the HoF in Melbourne, Australia

April 25, 2023

We are preparing and packing banners, brochures, books, display materials for the RAG4Clubfoot booth in the House of Friendship. We’ll be ready to greet you!

Visit us in Booth #454 – RAG4Clubfoot

We’d love to share how your district and/or club can partner with other Rotary clubs/districts on global grants to expand Ponseti Method training to orthopaedic surgeons in resource limited countries.

RAG4Clubfoot celebrates the article, “Spreading the word about clubfoot treatment” in Rotary magazine (April 2023)

April 25, 2023

RAG4Clubfoot celebrates the publishing of an article, Spreading the word about clubfoot treatment, in the Rotary magazine (April 2023) focused on clubfoot and our efforts to take action to create a world free of clubfoot disability. We are thrilled beyond words!! Networking at International Convention in Houston helped connect two Rotarians to exchange ideas about this possibility.
The article is out in print and online:

RAG4Clubfoot expands their reach into Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire

April 25, 2023

Ralph Hammond, our newest Board member and incoming co-President of the Rotary Club of Bedford, Massachusetts helped to set-up a table in the House of Friendship at a multi-Districts’ conference:
D7890 Western MA and Northern CT
D7910 Central MA
D7930 Eastern MA (Boston and north into Southern NH

Ralph was assisted by the other co-President, Al Roscoe in sharing the concept with fellow Rotarians to support children in developing countries. To focus on training medical officials. Promoting the concept of encouraging families to correct this problem with their children as automatically as we do here in the USA was taken very seriously by those people that took time to chat with us

Way to go, Al & Ralph!! We appreciate you so much!