Rotarians Everywhere Can

  • Help recruit Rotarians around the world to band together.
  • Provide financial support for healthcare professionals to be properly trained to apply the Ponseti Method.
  • Assist families and caregivers with logistical support, including¬†transportation, housing, food, and other needs.
  • Assist families with the provision of night-time braces to complete Ponseti treatment.
  • Assist with public awareness to reduce the stigma, to spread the message that “Clubfoot is treatable” and to promote early referral to appropriate treatment centers.
  • Advocate with¬†governments and health officials to provide the facilities and resources to treat clubfoot deformity.


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We are actively seeking Rotarians, family members of Rotarians, program participants, alumni and Rotaractors to join RAG4Clubfoot!


The Lives We Impact

“My son was born with atypical clubfoot and it has been a struggle to treat – there have been relapses & some new tears shed – but watching him play soccer this past weekend with his team reminded me of how grateful I am for Dr. Ponseti, Dr. Morcuende, Nurse Maria and everyone else at the clinic in Iowa. Without the Ponseti method my beautiful little boy would not be flying across the soccer field every Saturday. Thank you for the work you do to bring this same miracle to kids all across the globe!” Melissa B. Mother

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