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How a child’s life can change thanks to Rotary. Rotary Service in Action Blog July 2023.
Spreading the word about clubfoot treatment. Rotary magazine April 2023.


University of Iowa Newsletter July 2022.
Iowa Orthopedic Journal 2022 Dedication: Dr. Jose Morcuende


District 6000 News – Nov – Feb 2019-20

Canadian mother finds hope here for son with clubfoot (Press Citizen 02/21/20)

Lucky’s Feet storybook by T. M. Cook & O.O. Adegbehingbe

Lucky’s Feet is now available through the website of Clubfoot Solutions (501c3)


District 6000 News – July – Oct 2019-20 – Spreading the word about the cure for clubfoot (Page 11)

District 6000 News: Oct-Jan 2018-19 – Dr. Ignacio Ponseti is our Super Hero (Page 19)

New book tells amazing story of Ponseti and his miraculous method (Press Citizen 12/06/19)