Following Rotary’s commitment to lead global efforts to fight disease and save mothers and children, this Rotary Action Group provides the opportunity for Rotarians everywhere to help children afflicted with clubfoot, a debilitating but treatable condition.

All donations are tax deductible. RAG4Clubfoot Treasurer will send you a tax receipt at the end of the year for any donation over $250.

Any questions, contact:

Become a Member

For $25 per year, individuals can help RAG4Clubfoot spread the message that clubfoot is treatable and encourage Rotarians to become part of the solution. Be a champion of this cause by becoming a member for $25 a year!

Your financial contribution will assist us to raise awareness about the effectiveness of Ponseti Method and our efforts to link Rotarians/Rotary Districts with each other to partner for Rotary supported Ponseti Method training grants.

Rotary Districts/Clubs can multiply their impact even further by applying for a grant from your Rotary District or TRF matching grants. These grants can expand the reach of treatment of clubfoot into impoverished areas with limited resources.

Other Ways Rotarians Can Help

  • Assist families and caregivers with logistical support, including transportation, housing food and other needs.
  • Assist families with the provision of nighttime braces to complete Ponseti treatment.
  • Assist with public awareness to reduce the stigma, to spread the message that clubfoot is treatable and to promote early referral to appropriate treatment centers.
  • Advocate with governments and health officials to provide the facilities and resources to treat clubfoot deformity.

Become a member