November 28, 2022

Written by Dr. Monica Nogueira, RC Saõ Paulo-Sudeste
Brazilian global grant 1638412 -Erradicando o Pé Torto no Brasil (dist 4420, 6000, 5970 and 5300) is progressing and in September we´ve been in Belem for the evaluation of the north region. We had presentations of the doctors from the 4 states, and doctors from Belem (Raul Boetger, Paulo Braga) showed a structured reference Ponseti clinic in their new children Hospital. The state of Amazonas is being organized, and putting together forces to increment their clinic in the public hospitals. We had very good news from Rio Branco, Acre, with Dr Nelson Marquesini, with a reference clinic very organized there, and we had a great opportunity to train Dr Roberto Dourado, from Macapá, Amapá, and he has the support of the parents association there, very active.

Iowa’s Gift to the World funding for 5 symposiums

The north region evaluation is the second of 5 different evaluation simposiae, one per Brazilian region. We check if the clinics were implemented, if they are working well, and all the indicators for a good reference clinic.

The first was in Recife, Pernambuco, for the Northest region, in April 29 and 30, 2022.

We had a very important symposium in São Carlos, in June 11 and 12, for the evaluation of all national foot abduction braces for clubfoot.

Sao Paulo meeting of the Ponseti Method June 10 – 11 in Sao Carlos Eradicating (GG1638412) and orthotizing (GG1981190) of congenital clubfoot.

There are 3 more important symposiae, scheduled for next year: Evaluation of South Region, in Porto Alegre March 24 and 25th, evaluation of the Center West Region, in Campo Grande, May 26 and 27th, and evaluation of Region Southeast in Rio de Janeiro, August 18 and 19th 2023.

GG1981190 “Ortetizando o pé torto no Brasil”
(English translation, Orthetizing clubfoot in Brazil)

3000 braces from the 3 best braces were bought by a new global grant 1981190 “Ortetizando o pé torto no Brasil” Rotary districts 4540 RC S Carlos Norte, 4420 RC SP Sudeste, and Santo Andre, and districts 1870 and 1830, from RC Willich, Germany and doctors from the whole State of São Paulo presented their 21 ponseti reference clinics with wonderful results.