Location of Ponseti Method Trainers & Trainees

June 29, 2017

View a map that locates Ponseti Method trainers (yellow) and trainees (red) in Brazil:

Ponseti Method Training in Passo Fundo

April 24, 2017

Rotarians are planning a five day Ponseti Method Training in Passo Fundo during May for ten physicians. During the training, trainees first practice the casting technique on plastic foot models many times before they actually apply a cast to a patient’s foot. A Ponseti Method trainer is paired with each trainee to offer guidance and instruction while learning the skill

Look Who’s Walking!

April 13, 2017

Ana Clara (22 months old) looks pretty proud showing us her new skill! A year ago, Ana Clara’s caregivers were living with worry about her future. They were not even sure if she’d be able to walk, run and play. Ana Clara was born with clubfoot and the healthcare professionals only offered surgery as the treatment option but she would have to wait until she was two years old. In August 2016, the family learned of a clubfoot clinic at Casa da Esperança, a hospital run by the Rotary Club of Santo André in São Paulo, Brazil. Rotarian, Dra. Tatiana Guerschman treated Ana Clara successfully with Ponseti Method and she is now wearing a foot brace to maintain the correction. Ana Clara’s caregivers are so happy and grateful to The Rotary Foundation and the Rotarians in Districts 4420, 5300, 5970 and 6000 for their support of a Ponseti Method training grant to train 50 physicians in Brazil.

Members of Rotary Club da Bahia Provide Housing for a Child Receiving Ponseti Method Treatment

April 13, 2017

From March 29 – April 2, 2017, a Ponseti Method mentorship training for 9 physicians was held in Salvador, Brazil. While in Salvador, Rotarians Dra. Monica Nogueira and Dra. Tatiana Guerschman visited the Rotary Club da Bahia (D4550) where they explained the prevalence of clubfoot in Brazil and how Rotary is helping training an additional 50 physicians nationwide. Rotary Club da Bahia expressed interest in the clubfoot training project and they even offered assistance to one of the patients receiving Ponseti Method during the training. A young boy, 6-years-old had received Ponseti Method in the past but he’s not been able to complete the castings because the clinic is so far away and there are many other children at home making it difficult for the caretaker to be away from home. The Rotarians of RC da Bahia were so touched by his story that they offered to pay for housing for the young boy and a caretaker to remain in Salvador for the several weeks to complete the casting phase. In addition, RC da Bahia will help finance the printing of the children’s book, The Magic Book – which is a story about a child wearing the brace at night to maintain the foot correction. Proceeds from the sales of the book will go to help the Brazil parents association, Primeiro Passo.

Ponseti Method training in Salvador, Bahia

March 29, 2017

From March 29th – April 2nd, a Ponseti Method mentorship training is occurring in Salvador, Bahia.

Brazil VTT project committee provides updates

January 3, 2017

Participants during Ponseti Method casting practice in Sao Paulo, Aug 2016.

Brazil VTT project committee members, Dra. Monica Nogueira and Dra. Tatiana Guerschman hosted an on-line presentation on December 7th summarizing the initial Ponseti Method training activities held in Sao Paulo during August 2016.  Additional milestones accomplished, include:

  • an opening of a new clubfoot clinic
  • interaction between Ponseti Method providers and the local Rotary club in their community
  • additional meetings with Sao Paulo State governmental officials and
  • dates/location of four future Ponseti Method trainings.

Ponseti Method VTT Team Visits Sao Paulo, Brazil!

October 20, 2016

A four member VTT team from Iowa spent one week in Sao Paulo (Aug 25 – 31) to co-facilitate the Train-the-Trainers training and Ponseti Method mentorship with members of PIA Brazil. Accomplishments at the end of the week included:

  • 12 Trainers completed the Train-the-Trainers training
  • 10 Ponseti Method trainees participated in Ponseti Method mentorship
  • 22 benefitting health facilities

All four VTT members and in-country mentors joined the Santo Andre RC meeting where Dr. Jose Morcuende gave a presentation about the grant. In addition, VTT members met with DGE (4420) Claudio Takata; Santo Andre RC members at Casa da Esperanca; and attended a meeting at the Sao Paulo State Government Health Office with Dr. Geraldo Reple Sobrinho and Dra. Regina and Santo Andre RC members, Dr. Tatiana Guershmann and Adriano Valente. On the final day, two VTT team members visited Dr. Guilherme Bottino Martins and health administrators at Hospital Municipal Infantil Menino Jesus.

The approved Brazil VTT grant is a two year grant that started in August 2016. The Ponseti Method training program aims to provide Train-the-Trainers training to 15 orthopaedic surgeons who in turn will facilitate Ponseti Method mentorship to 50 orthopaedic surgeons.

Vocational Training Team Preparing for Sao Paulo!

August 20, 2016

Four members of the Vocational Training Team are preparing for their arrival to Sao Paulo on Thursday, August 25th to facilitate Train-the-Trainers course with 15 Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons.  Following this training, an additional 10 orthopaedic surgeons will participate in Ponseti Method mentorship from August 27 – 31.

TRF approves Brazil VTT Ponseti Method training grant!

July 22, 2016

Districts 4420 (Brazil) and 6000 (Iowa) have been informed that The Rotary Foundation has approved the two year Vocational Training Team Ponseti Method grant to train 50 orthopaedic surgeons in Brazil.  The Iowa based VTT team members are excited to be working with the project committee to prepare for their visit to Sao Paulo in late August 2016 when the first training is scheduled.


December 28, 2015

Brazil VTT Ponseti Method training grant was revised and submitted to TRF again on June 3, 2016.

Districts 4420, 5300, 6000 and 5970 are committing DDF for a Vocational Training Team grant to provide comprehensive Ponseti Method training to 50 Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons.  The grant has been submitted to RI for review.

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