Braces being distributed in Ecuador

May 14, 2023

Braces being distributed in Ecuador through The Rotary Foundation Global Grant.

Access to the foot abduction brace is cruicial to complete the Ponseti Method treatment and prevent relapse of the foot deformity. Due to the cost of each brace and the child’s need to use multiple braces throughout the years, the cost can be prohibitive for many families. The Ecuador Global Grant included the acquisition and distribution of 500 braces for approximately 10 clinics in 8 cities. The intention is to create a bank of braces administered by the Rotary Club of each locality, to guarantee the treatment of children up to 5 years of age. Upon completion of use, braces can be returned to the clinics and reused by other children.

The overarching goal of the project is to guarantee the treatment of clubfoot of all children in Ecuador up to 5 years in age. Way to go Rotary!

Ecuador “Transforming Lives” Global Grant approved

September 1, 2022

Global Grant “Transforming Lives” (GG2239604) has been approved by The Rotary Foundation. It proposes the completion of a comprehensive training program for 11 Pediatric Orthopedists/ Orthopedic Surgeons (“trainees”) in Ecuador. The 11 trainees have already completed a first phase of training and have begun to establish 10 clinics in 8 cities distributed across Ecuador. During this project, three International Trainers will visit the trainees’ clinics (8 of which are in public hospitals) to evaluate the trainees in relation to the technique of the Ponseti Method (“PM”) and the organizational functioning of their clinics. The project will also distribute 500 braces to the clinics and promote the use of the PM within the Ecuadorian health care system by sponsoring the dissemination of information and guidance on the PM within the Ecuadorian scientific community. Annually, there are an estimated 350 new children born with clubfoot in Ecuador. Over the course of the trainees’ careers, it is expected that thousands of children will benefit from this project. The Rotary Club of Saint Helena (California) in District 5130 is the International Sponsor and the Rotary Club of Tsáchila de Santo Domingo (Ecuador) in District 4400 will host the project.