August 16, 2023

On, August 10th, the Huellas de Guerreros Foundation invited Dr. Astrid Medina, Ortopedista Infantil Especialista en metodo Ponseti to have an “in vivo session” to talk about Netflix film, “madre de Alquiler”. The story is about a mom that is pregnant and her son has clubfoot. The film gives misinformation of this issue, and it´s very important to be clear that the baby with clubfoot can live a normal life with the Ponseti Method. Many people have written and asked the foundation about what the movie says.

Dr. Astrid Medina, a champion of Ponseti Method and treatment provider for so many children in Colombia. She’s also a Ponseti International Trainer in the Ponseti Method training other orthopedists. THANK YOU for your action to eliminate clubfoot disability!