September 4, 2023

A global grant (2351251) in development is proposing a Vocational Training Team (VTT) provide a Ponseti Method training program for orthopaedic doctors from seven hospitals in the City of Buenos Aires and the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Salta and Córdoba in Argentina and two of Tacuarembó and Montevideo in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay. Hospitals and professionals were carefully selected by Dr. Miguel Paz, President of PIA Latin America.

This global grant has not yet been approved by The Rotary Foundation.

Additional funding partners are needed. Please contact if your club or district is interested to partner with this developing training program. Currently, funding has been confirmed with District Designated Funds from 4905 & 6000; and cash contributions from the host clubs: Rotary Club of San Martín-Villa Maipú (Argentina) and Rotary Club of Iowa City AM (Iowa, USA).

The project proposes upon completion of comprehensive training, followed by sufficient mentorship and clinical experience, the newly trained orthopedists will be fully qualified to correct clubfoot using the Ponseti Method; Ponseti Clinics will be established within the orthopedists hospitals and they will be prepared to raise awareness of this deformity and its treatment. Parents of children undergoing treatment will actively participate. This project will be carried out in collaboration with Ponseti International Association (PIA).

The identified Ponseti Method Trainers are affiliated with PIA: Dr. Miguel Paz, Dr. Jose Morcuende and Dr. Monica Nogueira.

Roles local Rotarians will play in the project:
• Management and supervision of expenses incurred as detailed in the budget;
• Collaboration with VTT member trainers and medical professionals to be trained, regarding travel arrangements and
the expenses that will incur in internal transfers and travel expenses. It also collaborates with volunteer professionals
for the survey and installation of the Ponseti Clinics.
• Publicize the project through various means of communication (newsletters, websites, social media,
Press releases)
• Follow-up of the Train the Trainer session and the Ponseti Method courses; frequent communication with
the Iowa City AM RC – D4600, PIA, and teachers in-country during project planning and implementation.
• Assistance writing Rotary International reports.

Rotarians at the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM will provide:
• Analysis of the Management and supervision whose reports will be sent by the RC of San Martín-Villa Maipú.
• Publicize the project through various means of communication (newsletters, websites, social media,
Press releases);
• Frequent communication with the Club and the collaboration of PIA in planning
and execution of the project.
• Assistance writing Rotary International reports.
• Project planning